Carver High School Phase I & II
Additions & Renovations

Aldine ISD 

Carver High School is Aldine ISD’s Technology, Engineering and performing arts high school as well as serving the surrounding community. Having served students dating back to the early 1970’s the campus was comprised of a number of additions over the years as well as several remaining original classroom buildings with outdoor entrances.

Smith & Company worked with the school district to upgrade the campus in two phases. The first phase, completed during the summer, included the interior remodel of the school’s interior corridors and classrooms. The interior corridors were dark and with old locker lined walls. New Marlite panels were installed throughout the school with new ceilings and lighting. The entire administrative areas were totally redone with all new interior finishes and casework.

Phase II included the replacement of the school’s original classroom bindings which included art rooms, special education spaces, and a new library. Once completed, all outdoor entry classrooms were removed and now students are able to circulate between classes without being exposed to the weather.