Cleburne Avenue Parking Garage

Texas Southern University 

The second of a three phase parking improvement plan for Texas Southern University (TSU), the 334,054 SF Cleburne Avenue Parking Garage is designed to accommodate 1,000 cars and the quadrangle that houses the garage is equipped to handle up to 1,500 cars. The additional spaces aid in Texas Southern University’s quest to prepare for ever increasing student enrollment.

In addition to parking, the new garage has 1,941 SF of office space, which includes the TSU Police Department office facilities, administrative offices, and public lobby area.  

One of the key design components of the garage is the introduction of a perforated metal paneling and framing system or “mesh.” This “mesh system” was introduced into the design palette to make the new building better suited to blend into the context of the areas neighboring modern buildings.  

The design of the garage matches the same palette of materials used on the adjacent Jesse H. Jones School of Business. Along with the Mesh System, the use of brick, pre-cast concrete and metal in the design of the garage was done to create a relationship to the School of Business and to keep in tune with the contemporary movement of TSU’s northeast side. Together the two buildings serve as a wonderful introduction to TSU’s east campus.