DeLuxe Theater

City of Houston and Texas Southern University - 5th Ward Redevelopment 

The historic 5th Ward DeLuxe Theater, once a beacon of Houston’s 5th Ward and one of the first movie houses for African Americans, has been totally restored. In collaboration with the 5th Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation, the City of Houston, and Texas Southern University, the DeLuxe Theater was restored to its original 1940’s Art Deco exterior with a new 125 seat performance theater for the community and TSU students.

DeLuxe Theatre Opening 
On December 14, 2015, the community gathered together to celebrate the official opening of the newly renovated DeLuxe Theater. The theater offers an ideal educational and entertainment setting for both Texas Southern University’s College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences as well as programming offered by Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation. The facility includes a breathtaking 125-seat proscenium theater; complete with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, two dressing rooms, prop storage area, concession stand, box office, modern lobby, and administrative office spaces. Read more about the Deluxe Theater here.  

Smith & Company Architects received the 2017 Good Brick Award for excellence in historic preservation for the DeLuxe Theater.

Deluxe Theater before the redevelopment.